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Privacy Policy

This Privacy policy must be read and understood in conjunction with the Terms of Use, Disclaimer, and Rules & Principles.


  1. Account: A User's unique, password-protected interface to authenticate a User's identity and credentials to this MediaWiki, to make edits on this MediaWiki (including creating pages, editing content on pages, and adding comments to discussion boards), and to receive various levels of authorization and other editing capabilities (an "Account").
  2. Administrative Pages: All indexing, resource, and guidance pages on this MediaWiki -- as indicated by page titles beginning or ending in either "(Resource)", "(Guideline)", "(Index)", or "Index" (collectively, the "Administrative Pages");
  3. Administrators: Users that have administrative editing privileges.
  4. Content: Data & Information and Results (collectively, the "Content");
  5. Creator: Alexander G. Frantzen ("Creator");
  6. Data & Information: All data and information made available on this MediaWiki, including calculations (collectively, the "Data & Information");
  7. Editors: Any individual(s), entity or entities, that use an account to make edits to any pages on this MediaWiki (collectively, "Editors");
  8. Open license: This term on WikiCarbon refers to the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) ("Open license");
  9. Results: Product Carbon Footprint results, final calculations, carbon inventories, and summaries, including for both brand-specific and general products, as well as other greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories (collectively, the "Results"); and
  10. User: Any individual(s), entity or entities, that read, use and/or edit Content hosted and compiled on this MediaWiki (collectively, the "Users").

Policy Terms:

  1. This website was made for the public to provide product carbon footprint (PCF) assessments on all goods and services globally (see the missions on About WikiCarbon).
  2. In the process of hosting Content on this MediaWiki by Creator, and of Editors providing Content, information on Editors may be collected when Editors make public contributions, apply for and register an account, use the site, enter comments or discussions, send emails and/or participate in surveys.
  3. Concerted efforts will be taken to assess whether an account application has been submitted by a company (e.g., a company with brand-specific products), a company representative, or company affiliate. In such instances, the ability to edit and/or create pages may be restricted; and Creator will require that such users identify themselves. The first company and/or company representative to apply for and be granted an account (currently, there are none), will be listed on a Company Editors (Index) Page (to be created). This will enable Users to determine authenticate and verify that edits to a brand-specific product were made by a company and/or its representatives.
  4. A similar Editor/User account list may be prepared for Verifiers, i.e., third-parties with the expertise to verify product carbon footprint (PCF) assessments, whether brand-specific or general. A similar Editor/User account list may be prepared for all Editors (excluding Company and Verifiers), for Individual Editors to list their identification -- subject to their consent.
  5. In all instances, Editors username and identification will only be listed subject to consent by Editors. No information, apart from an Editor's username and full or partially abbreviated name, will be made made public on said account lists.