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Master: Product Categories.


Note that many products listed in the subcategories below (e.g., Baby and adult diapers in subcategory, Medical and hygiene products), are also listed/indexed in the subcategory, Baby & Child care, indexed in the product category, Health care. Another example is Food service products (below), which includes product subcategories -- cans, cartons, and containers -- that are also listed/indexed in subcategories, Cans, Cartons, and Contains, which are indexed in the product category, Packaging.

For such products -- the belong on multiple (realistically, it likely won't exceed two) product category lists/indices -- the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) assessments pages on WikiCarbon can and should be tagged to both lists/indices.

Subcategory Description WCS-ID
Electronics Non-rechargeable batters (no disposable); ink cartridges; cameras; E-cigarette coils, tanks, pods. 10
Kitchen and dining products Aluminum foil, disposable dishware, plastic cutlery, tupperware, cupcake wrappers, filters, etc. Note: for cans, containers, cartons, see: Packaging; and for multiple-use kitchen and dining products, see: Kitchen and dining (...TBC). 20
Food service products Disposable food packaging, cans, cartons, containers, single-serve coffee containers, etc. 30
Medical and hygiene products Hypodermic needles; Toilet paper; Disposable towers, paper towels; Condoms and other contraceptives; Disposable enemas; Cotton swabs and pads; Medical and cleaning gloves; Face masks; Baby and adult diapers; Shaving razors, safety razors, waxing kits; Toothbrushes, dental floss; Hospitable aprons; Disposable panties; Contact lenses. 40
Other consumer products 50

The following single-use products are listed in the product category, Packaging: Bags, Envelopes, Other Packaging, and Wrappers.


This category has the following 5 subcategories, out of 5 total.