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Master: Product Categories


Subcategory Description WCS-ID
Climate Mitigation & Adaptation Coastal fortification, Flooding protection, Cooling system enhancements, Relocation of critical infrastructure currently in high-risk zones, etc. 10
Critical Shelter, Heating, Water supply, Public health, Critical transportation, Security, Electricity, Telecommunications. 15
Energy Transmission and storage of fossil fuels and renewable sources. 20
Government Administrative, Parks and Recreation, Fire & Rescue, Libraries, Law Enforcement (Police, Intelligence, etc.), Courts, Emergency Medical, Natural Disasters (Emergency Management), and other municipal infrastructure. 25
Hazardous Waste Characteristics, disposal, handling of hazardous waste. 30
Information Technology Systems of information storage and distribution, technology hardware and equipment, Semiconductors & Semiconductor equipment. 35
Solid Waste Generation, collection and management of trash/garbage. 40
Telecommunications Telecommunications hardware and equipment for communication services. 45
Transportation Vehicles, Road, Highways, Railtracks, Marine Ports, Airports etc. 50
Utilities - Electric 55
Utilities - Gas 56
Utilities - Water Water infrastructure for treatment, distribution, reclamation, and maintenance. 58
Utilities - Independent Power & Electricity 60
Wastewater Treatment Disposal and treatment of wastewater. 65

Infrastructure by Hard-Asset Type
Subcategory Description WCS-ID
Airports 70
Battery (Electricity Storage) 71
Bridges 72
Canals 73
Dams 74
Fibre-optic Cables 75
Fossil fuels Storage 76
Highways 77
Irrigation 78
Marine Ports 79
Mobile Telecommunication Networks 80
Natural Gas Pipelines 81
Oil Petroleum Pipelines Liquid and petroleum. 82
Pipes 83
Ports 84
Railways 85
Roads 86
Satellites 87
Sewers 88
Submarine Cables 89
Telephone Wires 90
Tunnels 91
Water pipes 92


This category has only the following subcategory.