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Energy source
Product Sub-Category Life cycle gram CO2e/kWh, Median

(exclusively electric energy)[1]

Type of energy generated WCS-ID
Coal[2] 820[3] Heat (thermal) & Electric. -
Oil[2] n/a Heat (thermal) & Electric. -
Natural Gas[2] 490[4] Heat (thermal) & Electric. -
Biomass (Cofiring/Dedicated) 740/230 Heat (thermal) & Electric. 90
Solar PV (Utility)[5] 48 Electric. 30
Solar PV (Rooftop)[5] 41 Heat (thermal) & Electric. 35
Geothermal 38 Heat (thermal) (predominantly). 40
Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) 27 Electric. 38
Hydropower 24 Electric (predominantly) 50
Nuclear Electricity 12 Electric. 60
Wave Power n/a Electric. 70
Wind (Offshore) 12 Electric. 80
Wind (Onshore) 11 Electric. 85
Ocean (Tidal) Pre-commercial. Electric. 75
CCS -- Coal (Oxyfuel) Pre-commercial Heat (thermal) & Electric. 12
CCS -- Coal (PC)[3] Pre-commercial Heat (thermal) & Electric. 14
CCS -- Coal (IGCC)[6] Pre-commercial Heat (thermal) & Electric. 16
CCS -- Gas (Combined Cycle) Pre-commercial Heat (thermal) & Electric. 18
Bioenergy n/a Heat (thermal) & Electric. 92
Biofuel n/a Heat (thermal) & Electric. 94
Ethanol n/a Heat (thermal) & Electric. 96

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  6. Integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC).


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